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Wedding Hair trials...

Everything you need to know

Where will it take place?

Trials take place at my home. The address is 575 Oldpark Road, Belfast, BT14 6QW. Parking is available on street either right outside or in the side streets parallel to my house.

I am in the process of building a home studio (garden room) so in the meantime I have a temporary set up in my living/dining room. This has the added benefit of lots more space so during this time the amount of people you can bring along (if you so wish) has changed from two to four.

What do you need to bring?

Inspo photos!!! ALL THE INSPO PHOTOS. I cannot stress how helpful they are to me. Trying to describe certain textures is NOT IT, screen grab as many as you can in the time leading up to your trial. Think about what aspects of each style you like and want to incorporate... volume, texture, size, details.

Accessories. If you have your veil or decorative items these are incorporated directly into the style so its a huge help if we have them at trial. If you haven't got them, or decided on them yet don't panic, I've got a few bits and bobs you can try out to see what works for you.

Hair prep

Contrary to popular belief, hair does NOT need to be 'dirty' to style. Please arrive with clean, fully dry hair. Washed either night before or day of is ideal. 

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